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May 26

Motivation in language learning

By SoundFluent | Motivation

I’m sure you already know how important motivation is in reaching your goal of learning a new language.

Motivation is what pushes you to start learning, and continue.  While it is easy to stay motivated at the start, it can be harder to keep you motivation up.  Successful language learning requires consistent effort, and that can be hard to keep up once the initial excitement wears off.


So what does it take to stay motivated?


There are two essential elements to motivation – having a goal and experiencing progress towards your goal.


Basically you’ve got to know where you’re trying to get to, and you’ve got to feel confident that you are going to get there.  How can you feel confident about reaching your goal?  You need the right roadmap to get there, the right tools whether that means a teacher or a method.


Know your why

First, ask yourself exactly why you want to learn this language at this time

So you really want to learn a language.   Why?  Write down the answer.  How will your life be different once you can speak this language? What will you do?  Where will you go?  Who will you meet?  What will you experience?  What will you learn?

If the answer is that you don’t know why you want to learn a language, you just really do, that’s a great reason.  Being motivated to do something for its own sake- called intrinsic motivation – is one of the most powerful motivations that there is.



Make real progress

Nothing is worse for motivation than investing time, money and effort in something and seeing zero return.  It is vital that the method you choose not only works, but that you can experience it working.  Do you understand a bit more all the time?  Are you able to communicate better?  Making progress and knowing that you are making progress is the best motivation for keeping going.


There is an addictive sense of accomplishment when something has been learned completely.  It is its own reward, and the progress you make will motivate you to continue to an even greater level of fluency and competence.  This is genuine, deep motivation.  If real progress is being made with each lesson there is no need to ‘hack’ motivation by making learning into a game.  Your progress becomes its own reward.  The more visible the results of your progress, the more motivated you will be.  This is why we encourage you to speak to people and use the language you have learnt right from the start.


Feeling confident that your efforts will pay off

You need to know that your investment of time and effort in language learning will pay off.  The best way to do this is to choose the right method for you.  By choosing a sound method you know that you are giving yourself every chance of success.  By following in the footsteps of others who have successfully learned a language you can be confident that you will too.  A realistic expectation that you will achieve your goal is an important motivator.



Just jump in and do it.

Language is like anything else.  You get better at it by doing it.  There will never be a better time than now, so do it, start today, and do some every day.  Soon you will be able to hold conversation in your new language, and that is the most motivating thing of all.



At Sound Fluent we know from our own experience just how important it is to keep motivation going, and how hard it can be to be consistent with language learning.  Our method is designed with this in mind.

  • You make real progress each lesson. Nothing is more motivating than the feeling of progressing with each lesson.
  • Long-term results. Real life means that you can’t always devote as much time to language learning as you like.  With Sound Fluent you build long-term memories with each lesson, so you can quickly ‘refresh’ what you have learnt, even after a break of months.  This means that no learning time has been wasted, and you can quickly progress to new material.
  • You learn language you can use. You will be learning the most practical, often-needed words and phrases right from the first lesson.  We encourage you to practice speaking with others right from the start.  It is great for motivation to find that you can have real conversations with native speakers, and be able to say more each day.