Guiding Principles of our Approach and Method

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Jul 14

Guiding principles of the Sound Fluent Method

  • Your brain is perfectly equipped to learn a language – even as an adult – as long as you use the right methods. The key is understanding that the brain is equipped to process real language – listen, understand, think and speak – at lightning speed.  Memorising grammar rules and lists of vocabulary out of context don’t optimise your brain’s natural language processing ability.


  • Language is social. It is meant to be used as a tool to communicate with others.  Skill with a tool means practice using that tool, not endlessly analysing it.  Learn to use the language for the purpose it evolved for – communicating with others – rather than as a set of rules and facts to be memorised, and the brain will respond.


  • Language is primarily speaking and listening – reading and writing came much later in our evolution, and while they are excellent adjuncts to language learning, especially at the higher stages, they are not an effective way to learn to SPEAK a language


  • Speak from the start – following a perfect model, gradually you learn to form your own sentences – nourished with the resource of a memory bank full of correct, real spoken phrases


  • Use English to explain what words and phrases mean, for much faster progress. We use stereo sound in the 2 languages, connecting the meaning in English with the sound in the language you are learning, so you can understand what you learn, and use the language you already know to help you learn a new language faster


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