The 3 essentials for successful language learning

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Jun 03

Learning a language can seem complicated, even overwhelming at times.  There are so many methods, so many thigns you could be dong with your time.  Where should you start?  Should you focus on grammar, vocabulary or maybe pronunciation?

You can simplify things a little by focusing on what we call the 3 pillars of successful language learning.  Think of them as a solid structure to give good returns on your efforts.

  1. Learn phrases and words that you will actually use, and learn them well enough that you can use them straight away
  2. Good quality input.  Lots of it – the more the better.  Listen, listen, and listen some more.  Train you ear.  Watch movies, or watch TV.  Read, especially if you can find something to read on a subject you find interesting and already know something about
  3. Practice.  Get out and talk to people.  Practice might not make perfect straight away, but it certainly make for real progress every time you do it.

Any of these 3 pillars on their own will help you learn a language.  All three done together will accelerate your progress massively, giving you maximum return for your efforts.


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