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Hello Digital Coins lover!

Recently launched, Latium coin is fast becoming viral.
Get some free coins, and earn 50% interest/year on your coins.

What is LATIUM coin?
Latium is the first Crypto Currency to utilize a non-technical deployment network. Latium cannot be mined, but can be acquired simply by signing up.
There is no catch: you sign up, you get coins. Latium is based on Proof of Stake. No mining is required to maintain the network. Every person that holds Latium is able to place coins at stake and is paid interest for doing so.

How do I get Latium?

Every new user that registers on the site Latium Coin is credited 5 Latium for signing up. Additional Latium can be acquired by referring others to claim their free Latium.

In less than one minute, you can have your 5 FREE Latium. To sign-up the only requirement is your Name and Email address to complete the sign-up.
Once you've registered, your Latium is yours to do with as you choose. 
Claim your free coins today, spread the word and receive more coins for free. 

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