Brain-friendly Language Learning

You can speak a new language well, faster than ever before by using the method that works with the way the brain learns naturally

Trisha Collins-DunbarLanguage Learner's Journal

The Sound Fluent method works with the way your brain learns naturally, so language learning flows with ease. I have found myself learning Chinese much faster with this method. The language is imprinting in my brain and I am more successful at recalling it in comparison to other similar methods, such as Glossika and Pimsleur. It takes practise, consistence and perseverance to learn a new language

Language is a skill, not just knowledge. It is practical, not theoretical. It is something you must learn to do, by doing. Not a set of facts to memorize as grammar rules and endless lists of vocabulary.

The best way to learn a skill is to find someone who does that thing well, and learn to do what they do. This is how babies learn their native language, and how adults learn using the most reliable method for speaking fluently – long-term total immersion in the target language.  Adults are not babies, but when they learn through immersion they use the same techniques that babies use – observation, imitation, repetition and experimentation

Neuroscience gives valuable insights into what is actually happening in the brain as someone learns a language – and we have applied these insights to creating a course giving the same benefits as learning through immersion – all without leaving home.

Jane Henry Organizational Psychologist

I wanted to be able to speak enough Mandarin to get by on my travels to China. I spent three weeks before I left using this method and the phrases really stuck in my mind. I found the expressions I needed to greet people, ask basic questions and even respond when someone spoke to me in Mandarin. Highly recommended as a practical and fast way of learning a new language fast!

Thank you Sound Fluent for making learning a new language so easy! I listen to the lessons in the morning with my daughter while preparing and eating breakfast. The format makes it so simple to build upon words and phrases. The best part is all that we have learned stays with us. I have always wanted to be multilingual and this has been so helpful in working to achieve that goal. I feel so much more confident traveling now. Thanks Sound Fluent!

Jamie Furst Real Estate


  • Learn to speak in real phrases that native speakers use - right from the first lesson
  • You learn more easily by using a method that works with the way your brain naturally learns languages
  • You don't need to learn grammar rules or memorize lists of vocabulary - everything you need is contained in the language itself!
  • Speak with a good accent from the start as you activate your social learning brain
  • Rediscover the strategies you used as a baby without even realising it - to learn a new language
  • Remember easily with advanced memory techniques woven into every lesson
Christiane WelkeWorld Traveller

I love languages, but was never happy with the old ways being taught in school. With Sound Fluent Chinese I was able to go beyond my comfort zone into the experience of really speaking a new language. It intuitively feels right. I’m looking forward to learning more languages this way, starting with Spanish. Thank you !